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1. Private Consultations, using on or off site offices, and by phone.
2. Consulting Corporations and Small Businesses.
3. Consulting Managers, CEO'S, Personal, and Employees.
4. Consultations for Groups.
5. Individual Counseling.
6. Family and Relationship Counseling.
7. Sports Counseling.
Consultations are designed for enhancing performances in several fields of endeavors. This includes business, health, exercise, relationships and family life. Some of the principles have been personally developed by Dr. Barbara Warren, who has a life long commitment to high performance.

Problem solving issues include:

Selecting goals
Achieving an efficient life-style
Time management
Organizing and planning
Overcoming self-sabotaging patterns and adversities
Breaking through personal barriers
Improving health habits
Building discipline and courage
Getting along
Honesty, integrity, and  identity
Dr. Warren helps groups and individuals to face their challenges. Physical and mental capacities will be stretched for a ever better quality of life.

With the following methods:

Discussion analysis
Follow up


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