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 Twin sisters Angelika Castaneda and Dr. Barbara Warren were born in the cradle of psychology, Freud's Austria, they earned BA degrees in Art from Florence, Italy, they speak four languages, and have crisscrossed the globe many times.


Long before scuba had captured the public imagination, surrounded by dozens of sharks, Angelika was shooting twenty underwater documentaries.  Meanwhile, Barbara starred in 25 feature films, including the TV series of I Spy and Mission Impossible.  Together they have modeled for the biggest names in international fashion before they built a network of boutiques.  In Mexico City they established the largest personal development school in Latin America and Angelika performed as a choreographer organizing the major dancing fashion shows in Mexico City.  Together they studied Psychology, and Barbara went on to complete her PhD.  Eventually they took to the athletic road, becoming legends in their own time as they crushed record after record and set new international standards for endurance of body and mind. They have appeared on Good Morning America, Regis and Kathy Lee, and on 120 other TV stations worldwide.


Barbara works in private practice in San Diego, California, and has conducted a broad variety of seminars through her own company Winning in life Seminars and Consultations. Angelika is also a seminar leader and author. She is the organizer for the Women’s World Expedition and is in charge of athletic competitions and expeditions.


The sisters live continuous to be ablaze by their own Power To Complete Their Goals.