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 DO What You Don’t Want T o D0

Do you finally want to come to terms with your enemy and conquer him forever? Can you learn to do what needs to be done without the rigid structure that time management classes have placed upon you? Dr. Barbara says, yes, you can! She is the one that holds the key to a ground-braking new concept; no tight structures and no conventional agendas that were made by obsessive wise people. As in all her High Performance seminars, she preaches that there is no winning without a tussle; however, her specific steps to triumph over what you don’t want to do will help you to regain your self worth and also regain the trust from your fellow staff and friends. Dr. Barbara’s experience stems from her private practice were she has worked these methods with exceptional success for more than fifteen years.

The Power To Complete Your Goals

Dr. Barbara’s unique personal stories tell about the extraordinary courage and strength that resides in all of us will motivate you right away, and clearly display how it is possible to conquer much more than you think you can. But there is no victory without a challenge!  This is the essence of her message were she presents a proven method of Six Phases to guide you to reach any of your goals. You learn how to tackle the crosswinds of life and business, how to extent and expand, reach higher and deeper, go further, and faster. You will find out how to stretch your comfort zone, but you also will learn how to be OK even in stormy circumstances. Specific character building opportunities will occur when you undergo any true test of your body and mind, and Dr. Barbara will provide you with the tools to meet these “growth opportunities” successfully. Ultimately the Six Phases will propel you toward your long awaited goals and you will be able to transfer theses results into the business structure and management of your life.

Become Exceptional

Two sensational breakthrough systems will make you the very special person you always wanted to be. Do you aspire to be exceptional at work, respected by coworkers and supervisors alike? Do you want to become the manager or CEO that everyone admires? Yes, you have to pay a price but first of all you need to know what that price is. In addition you will find out about the fundamental attributes, personality traits, identity, integrity, values and virtues that outstanding people posses. Dr. Barbara extracts amazing real life examples from her experiences as a professional in psychology, as an award-winning entrepreneur and as a record winning ultra-distance athlete. She has been a trailblazer in her life and a pioneer in this new area of high performance.


Psychology of the elite performers

From self-sabotage to success

Standing tall above difficult people

Tales from the extreme

How to stay cool in a hot---and hot, in a cool relationship






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